School Sponsorship Program Report

You don’t always need a vast, expensive project to help change people’s lives. Sometimes, just a simple program can make an enormous difference. In just the last six months, donors to CPAS have contributed to an education program that has already transformed the lives of dozens of young girls across an entire community, changing their future prospects forever

In late 2011, CPAS sponsored 41 promising young girls from two different schools in Akuapim South who were at risk of dropping out of school before the sixth grade. Young girls are often under pressure from their families to leave school for economic reasons, but more importantly, schools were finding it hard to motivate these girls to learn when the schools themselves were so ill-equipped, often forced to share out a single, worn-out textbook across an entire class.

So the CPAS sponsorship plan was simple: CPAS provided each girl with a school uniform, an English text book, and other learning materials, with the aim of making school work easier and more stimulating by making reading materials more easily available. The results were nothing short of amazing. After just one academic term, one first grade teacher has reported a “vast improvement” in the performance of CPAS-sponsored students. One student, Eunice Kwaa, used to be very weak at reading English texts, but just a few months later her enthusiasm for reading has improved so much that she even reads during recess breaks.
An assistant principal and third grade teacher, Agnes Boakye, told CPAS that she used to struggle to provide reading materials to her students, making do with a few drastically worn-out English textbooks, often with pages where the ink had almost completely worn away. A single book would often have to be shared by as many as 15 students, making the book effectively inaccessible to most students. Today, with the help of CPAS’ simple, cost-effective sponsorship program, her class now has one new textbook for every two students, with a correspondingly soaring interest in learning throughout the class.

CPAS is committed to improving the lives of people in Ghana through small but extremely effective community programs, where every dollar truly makes a lasting difference. Success stories like our student sponsorship program reaffirm the value and importance of our work and of your own contribution.