Get Involved
CPASGhana is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering women and girls in Nsawam, Ghana. In 2011 CPASGhana began by making small loans to a select group of women. In 2012 we expanded our work to include the School Girl Sponsorship Program, an effort to keep girls in school who are at risk of dropping out or who are taken out to work. School supplies and school uniforms, sewn by local seamstresses, are provided to each sponsored girl. The progress of each girl is monitored by our staff as well as support given to them and their families to insure the girls’ continued success in school.

To get involved, email us and tell us about your interests & expertise. Ask how you can help and learn more about CPASGhana. We rely heavily on volunteers and we are are looking for people who can offer assistance in the following areas:

– Fundraising
– Social Media & Website Expertise
– Partnerships with US colleges/universities
– Educational Partnerships and Teacher Training
– Establishing School Libraries
– School Building Improvements
– Legal Advice
– Partnerships with other NGO’s working in Ghana on Healthcare, Sanitation, Clean Water or Small Sustainable Agricultural Projects

To learn more, please contact us at