The Community

Nsawam Market3
Nsawam is located in the Eastern Region of Ghana 37 km from the capital Accra. It is an agricultural community of 120,000. It is the largest town and marketplace for the area.

This community has the potential to be an example of successful, sustainable development because of its agriculture and regional market. People are engaged in small businesses such as farming, selling foodstuffs, bread baking, various trades and small-scale food processing. With the ability to access education and training, community members will be able to improve their standard of living for themselves and their children.


Our logo, the oil palm, drawn by Ghanaian artist Kofi Nduro, represents the unique contribution needed of each person when working together towards a more vibrant, varied and stronger community, just as each part of the oil palm has value to Ghanaian people and is used in every day life.

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