Raise Awareness for CPASGhana
Tell us about your interests & expertise. Ask how you can help and learn more about CPASGhana. We rely heavily on volunteers and we are are looking for people who can offer assistance in the following areas:

Fundraising, Social Media & Website Expertise, Partnerships with US colleges/universities, Educational Partnerships and Teacher Training, Establishing School Libraries, School Building Improvements, Legal Advice, Partnerships with other NGO’s working in Ghana on Healthcare, Sanitation, Clean Water or Small Sustainable Agricultural Projects.

Another easy way to contribute is to help us raise awareness. “Like” our Facebook page, or follow us on Twitter.

Make a Donation
While any size donation is appreciated, here is an idea of how the funds are distributed:

$150 – Sponsors a Middle School girl for a year
$110 – Sponsors an Elementary school girl
$50 – Middle School textbooks for one girl
$50 – After school classes for one student
$30 – School Uniform
$20 – School supplies
$10 – Books for an elementary school girl
$$ – Your best gift

Become a donor, and help CPASGhana reach its goal of providing quality education and keep more girls in the Tieku and Sakyi Agyakawa Schools in Nsawam, Ghana.

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